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With the heart of a craftsman, keep the tofu culture for thousands of years

 In Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen's Compendium of Materia Medica Volume 25 "The method of tofu began with Liu An, King Huainan of the former Han Dynasty".


 Tofu has a history of two thousand years since its invention. A thousand years ago, it was not easy to lubricate tofu. The simple six processes take a long time to make, in order to produce the precious tofu, in which point mixing plays a turnover role in the whole process like an indispensable cog in the chain, hundreds of tofu, point mixing, every family is different. Soaking beans, grinding pulp, filter slag, boiling pulp, blending, molding, which is a variety of doors, even three days and three nights may not be able to finish.


Even though it was not easy for ancient people to make tofu, it did not affect people's love for tofu. In many poems, tofu is used as a food to entertain good guests. Lu You says, "To wipe the plate and pile it up, to wash the kettle and boil Li Qi"; Su Shi says, "To boil beans and make butterfat into crisp cake, to pour honey wine into a high fever and oil candle." You can't explain whether the taste itself is unforgettable or whether tofu is passed down from generation to generation as a cultural icon, or both.

Today, more than two thousand years have passed. Tofu is seen more and more on the table or the market than in ancient times. The practice of tofu is passed down from generation to generation and its style is increasing day by day. To taste the pure taste of tofu thousands of years ago has been written deep in our hearts as a kind of desire. However, there is always a difference between the mechanized processing method and the taste of hand-made in the past. Using mechanized equipment, people can travel back to thousands of years ago to taste the glory of tofu and uncover the mellow history of tofu. As a kind of persistence, it has been flowing in Wang Xin's concept.

Since its establishment in 1994, we have passed on their classics to more than 600 clients. Using the most sophisticated instruments of various countries, we can grasp the temperature, humidity and concentration to the best, control the point to change this gear, and open the shuttle of time. In the two thousand years of tofu history, we can walk freely, integrating humanity and mechanization. For each enterprise to inherit their own classic continuation of the ancient tofu civilization.

Explore the original flavor of tofu with science and technology. With ingenuity, open a new chapter of tofu culture.