Large beancurd production line

Large beancurd production line

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Automatic beancurd production line is a kind of automatic beancurd processing equipment. The main advantages of this set of equipment and traditional beancurd production are: improve the production efficiency of dried beancurd, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve product quality and stability.

Compared with the traditional process, this set of "automatic beancurd production line" has the following advantages:

1, reduce the cost of employment:

The whole cutting and arranging of billets are automatically completed by mechanical equipment. Each set of assembly line only needs 9 people to operate. Compared with traditional manual production, it saves about 80% of labor force.

2. High degree of automation:

Box stacking and pressing, the whole process is controlled by computer PLC, manipulator operation, no manual operation, not only save labor, but also make the production process more stable and smooth. The first use of remote control system, only one person in the office computer in front of the operation can remote control the production site (at present Beijing Laocai Chen Food Co., Ltd. ordered 2 sets of "automatic beancurd billet production line" using the remote control system).

3, high accuracy:

Automatic halogen technology, high accuracy, more stable halogen quality; No excess yellow swill, reduce waste water pollution and enterprise treatment costs. And the automatic line adopts type frame pressing, beancurd billet thickness uniform, no scraps.

4. Environmental Hygiene:

The automatic quantitative distribution of bean curd brain is more accurate, clean and hygienic than the original artificial brain, to ensure the consistency of the quality of the billet. The pressed beancurd billet is automatically cut into pieces, and the billet is arranged into the cage frame. Employees do not touch the billet, so as to ensure the health of the billet.

5. Orderly row, good spray effect:

When the billet is automatically arranged by the elaborately developed billet arranger, the billet is placed vertically at a 45° Angle, which makes the billet of fermented beancurd neat after spraying with bacteria, and the spraying effect is good (long hair is especially uniform).

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