Electric fryer for oil and water separation

Electric fryer for oil and water separation

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  • Release time:2022-08-09 14:25:33
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Product introduction:

Electric oil and water separation fryer, this fryer is a single pot, suitable for oil tofu production, low temperature into the pot after continuous turning to high temperature out of the pot. The equipment is composed of fryer, electric control box, electric heat pipe, steam pipe, oil tank tank blowdown valve and other parts.

Product parameters:

Name: electric oil and water separation fryer

Model number: WXYZ-1

Size: 1670×940×1670mm

Power: 30KW

Yield: 50kg oil tofu/hour

Product features:

1. Electric dual use, save energy.

2. Regular discharge of slag to keep the cleanliness of oil.

3. Separation of oil and water, good product quality.

4. Anti dry burning, false operation of automatic power failure heating.

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