Six type plastic box packing machine

Six type plastic box packing machine

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Product introduction:

Six type plastic box packing machine, this machine is the soymilk through the four-way valve evenly into the box, and through the replenishing process such as foam; Finally, put the plastic film on the plastic box. Box through the conveyor chain, the film and plastic box heating adhesion at the hot sealing head (with two heat sealing device, sealing rate 100%, heat sealing temperature can be set and controlled), after cutting, water cleaning, send out machine into the turnover box.

Product parameters:

Name: Six type plastic box packing machine

Model: WXFK-6-1/WXFK-6-2

Size: 3200×880×1760mm/3200×880×1760mm

Power: 4KW

Output: 2000-2500 cases/hour, 2000 cases/hour

Product features:

1. Double heat sealing structure, stable heat sealing quality, date printing, mechanical stepless speed regulation.

2. Cutting mode: toothed cutter cutting or electric heating wire cutting.

3. Sealing, disinfection, counting and other working process automatic program control, reliable performance.

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