20 meters double row old tofu continuous press

20 meters double row old tofu continuous press

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  • Release time:2022-08-09 14:58:48
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Product introduction:

20 meters double row old tofu continuous press, the machine is composed of press switch, press spring, frame back chain, rolling splint, motor, transition operation table and other parts. The machine will pour and wrap the tofu drawer into the conveyor belt of the press through the raceway, and the chain driven by the gear mechanism will gradually press the tofu continuously. Tofu size specifications can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Product parameters:

Name: 20 meters double row old tofu continuous press

Model number: WXLY-2

Size: 20000×1200×1430mm

Power: 3KW

Output: 120-150 plates/hour

Product features:

1. Variable speed motor can be used for continuous work.

2. Good molding, high output and stable quality.

3. This machine has reasonable structure, long service life and easy maintenance.

4. Uniform and constant pressure, greatly saving labor.

5. The surface of tofu can be pressed, which is convenient for manufacturers to build brands.

6. This machine is made of stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9 material, stainless steel adopts mirror or matte treatment.

7. Low noise, easy to clean.

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