560 horizontal centrifuge

560 horizontal centrifuge

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  • Release time:2022-08-09 15:52:57
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Product introduction:

The equipment is composed of cover door, feed port, lock, slag outlet, slurry outlet, frame, cover shell, motor, bearing assembly, centrifugal liner and other parts.

Product parameters:

Name: Centrifuge

Model: WXLJ-560

Size: 1720×800×1450mm

Weight: About 864 kilograms

Power: 5.5KW

Speed: 1900 RPM

Capacity: 550-600 kg dry beans/hour

Main features:

1. The product has a unique anti-vibration design, which meets the requirements of Class C.

2. The parts in direct contact with soymilk are made of food-grade materials, and the feeding inspection is carried out every year.

3. Centrifuge liner adopts unique technology and method.

4. The water content of the separated soybean residue is less than 80%, and the protein content is less than 2.5%.

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