Thick thousand-sheet seven - layer cooling machine

Thick thousand-sheet seven - layer cooling machine

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Product introduction:

Thick thousand-sheet seven-layer cooling machine (thousand-sheet cooling machine), the dried beancurd and other food after the white, brined into the net belt to cool, cool, transport. This machine is composed of frame, sprocket, exhaust fan, electromagnetic speed regulating motor and conveyor belt. This machine is electric conveying principle. Suitable for food drying and conveying. It has the characteristics of easy installation, fast speed and power saving.

Product parameters:

Name: Thick thousand sheets seven - layer cooling machine

Model: WXTL-1/WXTL-2

Size: 16000×1350×1700mm/8500×1400×1400mm

Power: 4.08KW/5KW

Output: 600 kg/h, 700 kg/h

Product features:

1. Made of high quality stainless steel material, stainless steel adopts mirror or matte treatment;

2. Mesh belt conveyor with automatic turning function, good air cooling effect;

3. Working side mesh belt cleaning, high temperature sterilization;

4. The speed of the net belt is adjusted according to the effect of air cooling. The motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation or mechanical speed regulation.

5. The air flow of the fan can be adjusted to cover the whole net belt surface;

6. Smooth operation, low noise, durable, stable performance;

7. The length and number of fans can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

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