Notes on the use of soybean processing machinery and equipment

2023-01-04 08:22:01

The following for you to introduce the use of soy products processing machinery and equipment matters needing attention:

1. Check the pulping water level of the boiler of the tofu machine frequently to ensure that the water level of the boiler is higher than the water level of the electric heating tube. When the boiler needs water, the lady opens the steam valve to release the pressure in the furnace chamber and then water.

2. When the mechanical heat pipe of tofu is heated, open the steam valve to ensure the smooth steam pipeline. Otherwise the boiler pressure is too high to damage the boiler.

3. The switch of the sizing booster pump should be kept in the manual position.

4. Keep all electrical parts of the tofu machine clean and dry. Do not enter the distribution box and do not change the circuit.

5. Disconnect the power supply when opening the distribution box.

6. The power terminal is located above the leakage protector in the upper left corner of the distribution box below the pulp barrel.

7. It is strictly prohibited to turn on the heating switch when the tofu machine is not boiling, otherwise it will damage the boiler. After boiling the pulp, the heating switch should be turned off in time.

At present, the whole soybean product industry is still in the trend of rapid improvement. The amount of beans and sales increased significantly; The variety of products is increasing; The industrialization of soybean products is accelerating. Related food enterprise especially foreign capital enterprise is gradually entering bean product industry, our internationalization trend of bean product production is becoming more and more obvious. We hope that the level of bean product processing equipment will improve continuously and promote the better development of bean product equipment industry.

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