The origin of soy products

2022-08-08 16:38:02

The origin of soy products

Our country is the native land of soybean, soybean has been cultivated for five thousand years. Together is also Z early research and development production of soy products.

From the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period, beans (namely beans) were regarded as the main food in the period. Peasants sang it more than once :" There are beans in China, which were brought by the common people. Gather beans and beans, the valley of baskets. Cooked sunflower and beans in July ".

Ancient people not only took soybean as their staple food, but also gradually developed tofu, fermented bean sauce, raw bean sprouts, oil extraction, and other soybean products, which is a great contribution to mankind. Only the usual tofu, has been popular international!

Tofu originated from Liu 'an, King of Huainan in the Han Dynasty. Liu An, King of Huainan, grandson of Liu Bang, Emperor Gaoxu of Han and son of Liu Chang, King Li of Huainan, was named King of Huainan after his father, and his capital lasted for 42 years. One thousand of Liu Anyang's practitioners are full of immortal secrets.

The Way of Hongbao. Among its visitors, Su Fei, Li Shang, Tian You, Jin Chang, Zuo Wu and other eight people famous Z, known as "eight Gong". Eight men accompany Liu An all day long in the life of Chuncheng Beishan chain for elixir of life, Liu An and so on in alchemy, occasionally with gypsum point soy milk, change into tofu.

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