Soybean processing machinery made by Yonghe Soybean Products Factory seized

2022-08-08 16:40:39

Soybean processing machinery made by Yonghe Soybean Products Factory seized

Yesterday, the Modern Express reported on the production of "problem cold skin" by Binfu flour processing plant in Wuzhong district and Yonghe Soybean Products Factory in Xiangcheng District. Report published on the same day, reporters and law enforcement officers again came to the two enterprises to investigate, the former production of cold skin powder in the preliminary detection of alum, operators said "now only do legal products, do not add any additives"; The latter's powdery machinery has been seized. Photo by He Jiewen

Bing Fu powder processing plant

Alum was detected in cold skin and cold powder

More than 1 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter first came to Wuzhong District Bing rich powder processing factory, workers are cleaning. Processing plant boss to see reporters, quickly said: "now only do legal products, dare not put any additives. I only do 200 or 300 jin of soy products a day, about half of what I used to do."

Qiu Jianjun, deputy director of the Wuzhong District Administration for Market Supervision, told reporters that the seizure of cold skin and cold powder had gone through preliminary tests, the results showed that no preservatives were detected in the products, but there was a certain amount of alum, the content of 52 mg/kg and 70 mg/kg respectively. On April 28, the market watchdog asked the company to suspend production for rectification. For the enterprise is still in production, the management department will increase the intensity of supervision, increase the density of personnel to the site supervision, until the rectification is completed. After the complete test report comes out, the enterprise will be punished.

In order to ensure that the public can eat the starch products, soy products, Wuzhong District market supervision Administration yesterday morning also called all the processing business owners in the district, requiring the enterprises to conduct self-inspection and correction in time, next, the market supervision administration department will carry out special rectification activities, special inspection of the production conditions, personnel qualifications, health conditions, etc. It will also conduct sampling inspections of manufactured products, as well as on products sold on the market, in order to reverse the inspection of manufacturers.

The machinery used to produce Liangpi was seized

Later, the reporter came to Yonghe bean products factory. In the workshop, where equipment for drying soybean curd is produced, workers still don't wear overalls. The boss explained, "It is already being customized, and other problems will be corrected soon." It is understood that on April 29, the Sangcheng District market supervision Administration Bureau three sub-bureau to the enterprise issued a notice of rectification, production and processing site without screen window, screen door, block mouse plate and other insect and heat prevention facilities, items messy, sundry storage, food production operators did not wear health protective clothing, did not wear health protective hat and other issues need to be rectified.

"The soybean products factory was indeed operating beyond its scope. The machines producing Liangpi were shut down on April 28, the day of the inspection." Yang Yang, deputy director of the third branch of the Xiangcheng District Market Supervision Administration, said that the production of pre-packaged products must be completed with a production license, and the company can only produce Liangpi after obtaining a license.

On April 28, law enforcement officers from the third branch of the Sangcheng District Market Supervision Administration also temporarily seized 553 tons of cold leather produced that day, of which 40 tons were sent for inspection. Whether illegal use of alum needs to wait for the inspection report to be further determined.

"We will punish those who operate beyond the scope of the law, produce cold skin prematurely, and illegally add alum." Yang Yang said.

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