Soybeans are known as "the king of beans" and are called "plant meat".

2022-08-08 16:37:20

Soybeans are known as "the king of beans" and are called "plant meat".

Soybeans, known as "the king of beans", are called "plant meat" and "green cow", with rich nutritional value. Dried soybeans contain high - quality protein about 40%, for other grain crown. Modern nutrition research indicates that a jin of soy is equivalent to two jin of lean pork, or three jin of eggs, or 12 jin of milk protein content.

Fat content is also the first in beans, oil yield up to 20%; In addition, it also contains vitamins A, B, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. One jin soy contains 55 mg of iron, and is easy to be absorbed by the human body, is very beneficial to iron deficiency anemia;

One jin soy bean contains 2855 mg of phosphorus, which is very beneficial to the brain nerve. All kinds of soy products after soybean processing, not only high protein content, and contain a variety of human body can not be composed of essential amino acids, cholesterol content of tofu protein digestibility up to 95%, for the aspiration of the tonic diet. Soybean, bean curd, soybean milk and other soybean products have become popular international health food.

Soybean contains rich protein, contains a variety of essential amino acids, can advance human immunity; The lecithin in soy can remove cholesterol attached to blood vessel walls, prevent hardening of blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular disease, protect the heart. The lecithin in soybean also has the effect of preventing the accumulation of too much fat in the liver, and then effectively prevent fatty liver caused by obesity.

Soy contains soluble fiber, can be laxative, and can reduce cholesterol content; Soy contains a substance that inhibits pancreatic enzymes and has a therapeutic effect on diabetes. The saponins contained in soybean have obvious effect of lowering blood lipid, together, can inhibit weight gain; Soybean isoflavone is a kind of plant estrogen with similar structure and estrogen activity, which can reduce the symptoms of female menopause syndrome, delay the aging of female cells, make the skin adhere to elasticity, improve appearance, reduce bone loss, promote bone formation, reduce blood lipid and so on.

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