What kinds of beancurd are there in bean products?

2022-08-08 14:23:33

What kinds of beancurd are there in bean products?

Beancurd, as a kind of bean products, can be seen everywhere in the shopping mall. However, we may not know much about the origin and type of beancurd. Today, Shanghai Wangxin will tell you how beancurd, a delicacy spread in China for nearly a thousand years, was pushed into our vision.

Compendium of Materia Medica notes :" Bean curd is also called beans milk. Bean curd pickled with lees or soy sauce tastes salty and comfortable. As early as the fifth century AD, ancient books of the Northern Wei Dynasty recorded that "dried tofu with salt matured into beancurd". It can be seen that the ancients also had a lot of experience in the study of this delicacy. From the fifth century to the present twenty-first century, the varieties and patterns of beancurd are also continuously developed with time.

According to the color and taste of the product, beancurd is divided into red beancurd, green beancurd, white beancurd, color beancurd and so on. China is a multi-ethnic country, and each ethnic group has their own preference for the specifications of fermented beancurd, so according to the specifications of fermented beancurd, it can be divided into Taifang fermented beancurd, Chinese fermented beancurd, Ding fermented beancurd and Qi fermented beancurd. Some places are sweet, so the beancurd is slightly sweet. Some places like spicy taste, so the beancurd is red and brilliant. Although the way people like to eat it varies from place to place, people's love for fermented bean curd never wanes.

To do a good job of different varieties of fermented bean curd, the most important thing is to grasp the cultivation of fermented bean curd strains, so that we can produce this nutritious and delicious bean products.

After the continuous development of Shanghai Wang Xin in recent years, the development of the whole fully automated fermented bean curd production line technology has tended to mature, suitable for various types of fermented bean curd manufacturers, welcome to inquire. Shanghai Wang Xin as a professional soybean products machinery manufacturer willing to explain more soybean products knowledge, bring more soybean products culture.

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