Application of soybean components in meat products

2022-08-08 14:26:34

Application of soybean components in meat products

But in fact, in everyone's common meat food such as meatballs, broth, enema and other foods have soy protein figure! Soybean protein is widely used in meat processing because of its high nutrition and gelatinous properties. Adding the right amount of soy protein to meat products can not only improve the quality of the product but also improve the yield of the product. This has become the only choice for many meat manufacturers. Today, Shanghai Wangxin will tell you about these little common sense that you may not have noticed.

Some inexpensive soy protein products, such as soybean flour, are often used in ground meat products such as hamburger patties and fried meatballs. This can not only save costs for manufacturers, but also increase the protein content of products. It also plays a significant role in reducing the content of animal fat and cholesterol. In addition, soybean protein products have the characteristics of oil absorption, can reduce the greasy feeling of food.

Soy protein is also of great benefit in many aquatic products. Soy protein substances are often added to seafood products such as fish rolls and fish cakes. Soy flour is usually mixed with which to form a curd and added to meat products.

Many people love dumplings, steamed buns and other meat filling, the addition of soy protein is essential. The addition of soy protein does not lose the nutritiveness of the original product and because of its gel-like properties, it can also add more moist taste to the product.

The benefits of soy protein are being used in a wide variety of industries. What other foods do you not know about it? Shanghai Wang Xin as a professional soybean products machinery manufacturer willing to explain more soybean products knowledge, bring more soybean products culture.


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